Sunset Over the Shore Button Mirror.

I had just been sorting out my buttons after finishing my starry mirror.
I thought why not do another but in colour this time.
Time: 3 HoursCost: $2Difficulty: Easy
I arranged some buttons onto a white framed mirror until I was happy with the arrangement. The ones in the picture I changed latter because I wasn't seeing a good pattern.
After changing my pattern. I decided as I had lots of different blues I would start with these.
As I was doing the first row, the blues then the green buttons. This looked light water, but I had other bright colours i wanted to use and so this is how it inspired me to create the sunset theme. I glued these on with PVA glue.
The next colour I added was yellows.
Then oranges, reds, pinks, light purples finishing with dark purples.
As you go on you will find you might have to move the buttons about to fit better. I used different size buttons, and most of them were stuck facing down as I liked the matt colour on the back of the buttons the best.
After adding all the buttons there were gaps. So I decided to fill these in with seed beads.
Use PVA over the buttons and sprinkle over the seed beads where there are gaps.
Clean mirror.
Allow to dry before moving.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • White flat framed mirror, multi coloured buttons, PVA glue, seed beads.  (Charity shops, I have been collecting for sometime.)
  • Mirror

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