Not Happy With Chalky Furniture Paint

This is just my opinion, and I am not saying this against any product, it just isn't for me.
I have heard so much hype over all the chalky furniture paints and finally broke down and tried it. I am not happy with it. To me, I could have done better in less time, with less expense and less frustration if I just used a primer, because that's what it looks like to me. A jar that was supposed to be enough to cover the whole piece, didn't.
I will stick to my acrylic based paints and distress them... I'll post when done with my Mackenzie Childs/Prague Inspired China Closet.
8 oz. not enough
this is after a full 8 ounces.... the very bottom and the top and side against the wall is not painted.
this is not what I expected after numerous coats of paint.
New Inspiration
I was sick about it... literally. It takes my energy and becomes painful standing there for the day trying to get a piece this size covered. So I went back to the drawing board and decided to go for a Mackenzie Childs and my painting from Prague "look".
Painted the back with one coat of yellow and started painting my checks...

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  • Mimi
    on Sep 7, 2017

    I have been contemplating a chalk paint/wax treatment for an old dry sink but I was having my doubts. I want to put it in my entry, so I don't want it to look "amateurish." Your comments are refreshingly honest and I appreciate those of others who have used various "hacks" to make the chalk paint behave the way they have been led to expect it would. I'm going to re-think this and possibly try a chalk paint/wax finish on a smaller item in order to "get my feet wet" and understand what this finish is all about. Thanks for being so honest about your experience.

    Anybody out there like me who tried it despite misgivings and came out with a happy ending? Would love to hear about it!
    • Susan donovan
      on Dec 14, 2017

      Made my own chalk paint for my first project, a desk. The paint was great-went on looking AWFULNESS but then dried out great. But when I used Rustoleum matte clear finish for chalk paint, it dried out to funny white streaks on my beautiful blue surface. I didn't want to wax since this desk was for a child and this topcoat promised a more durable finish.

    • Peggy
      on Jun 28, 2018

      I just finished my first chalk paint project. It’s a hexagonal side table that belonged to my mom...we’ll-built table but absolutely not my style. I panicked after the first coat, but I persevered with a second coat and the wax. I really like it! I only used a 4oz jar and it was JUST enough. I’m looking at some more things I want to paint.

    • Peggy
      on Jun 28, 2018

      These are my before and after photos of my project.

    • Cheryl Rambo
      on Dec 23, 2018

      I tried chalk point on an old dresser. It didn't hide the color underneath as I thought it would. Had to use 3 coats. I used quart for the dresser. Thank goodness the can had been opened so I got it for 50% off. Bought another can at full price to finish the headboard. I found it dried too fast for me to correct mistakes. Had to go with a shabby chic finish. It does look pretty good like that. When I found 2 end table son Letgo, I used regular latex paint, did a shabby finish on that too. Could not tell the difference. Latex was easier for me to work with and didn't require a separate wax/finish. I think it was a waste of time and money. JMHO.

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  • Cheryl Rambo
    on Aug 31, 2019

    I too fell into the chalk paint craze. Thank goodness I found 1 can opened(it was full) and HD gave it to me for 75% off. Took it home, started on a bed and what a mistake! It came out terrible. I followed instructions from Annie Sloan website. Used the correct brush, adhered to all directions. Had to buy another can at full price to finish the job. It finally came out OK after 3 days of frustration. I decided to go back to acrylics to finish the rest of the BR set. It came out beautifully. No aggravation, no high cost and it matches the chalk paint wonderfully! I guess to each his/her own. But I'm sticking with cheap acrylics. Good luck everyone.

  • Melissa S
    on Sep 8, 2019

    I am NOT a fan of the chalk paint craze. I find it leaves a rough finish that does not feel either professional or actually “aged”. I have found that my best results come from properly prepping the piece (cleaning and sanding), a good coat of primer (Zinsser is my fav.) and then a couple of coats of good quality latex paint (not flat) very light sand g between coats.

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