Asked on May 15, 2018

What type of paints can be used to cover glass entrance door

WilliamV SmithDeb K


My entrance door has had an oval shape decorative glass on the top half.

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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on May 15, 2018

    why not just use privacy film
    • Jay
      on May 16, 2018

      I tried that twice, but because I guess the heat in the south it just peeled off after a few months. And it was hard to measure the edges. Was looking for a permanent solution. Thanks
  • Jan Clark
    Jan Clark
    on May 15, 2018

    Acrylic paint will cover glass with a nice primer coat first. But why paint? If you're looking for something opaque, there are a number of designs of plastic stick-on sheets that will do the trick. Check the big box homestore web sites to see what I'm talking about. They come in a bunch of colors and designs.
  • Linda
    on May 15, 2018

    There are films that can be applied to glass to add pattern while making it opaque Available in Amazon. A link attached with paint for glass. You can create a pattern or simulate stained glass if you are inclined to use your artistic talents. Hope this helps.
  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on May 16, 2018

    Hi, since peel and sticks don't stay put, why not try doing a stencil and using a glass etching kit to fix it up nice, you can buy stencils or rely on you own design!
  • V Smith
    V Smith
    on May 16, 2018

    If you want the light but need more privacy you can cover it in clear Gallery Glass. On a vertical surface I put it on in thin coats using the nozzel of the bottle it create a texture. The line also offers different colors as well as pre-made "lead" lines if you wanted to create a leaded glass look. Gallery Glass is very easy to remove if you change you mind.
  • William
    on May 16, 2018

    You can buy frosted spray paint. Just tape off the door. Would just scrape off with a razor blade in the future.
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