C.H.E.A.P Way to Cover 4x8 Ceiling Seams.

When we purchased our little farmhouse a few years ago, it took every bit of money we had.
Our living room was too small to have any company so our remedy was to enclose our carport.....on the proverbial dime. By the time we got to the ceiling the piggy bank was empty!!
As a carport, the ceiling was covered with 4x8 sheets of plywood. Seams are no big deal, normally....BUT...start measuring and the feet add up quickly, meaning $$ to cover them.
We found a roll of rusty barb wire hanging on a post and...voila...C.H.E.A.P seam cover! Hubby also cut out a star shape from plywood, for the center of the ceiling.
The barn tin we put on the walls was also a 'find' here on our place. We like how our room turned out and now have plenty of room for company.

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