How to prevent my dogs from eating the couch

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  • Betsy Betsy on May 18, 2018
    You can make a mixture of 16 oz of water and a bottle of Oil of Clove or Clove Oil, same thing, in a spray bottle. Mix it well and spray it around your plants. It smells nice, but tastes horrible. It's non-toxic, so it won't hurt anything or any one. You can buy the oil at any candy making store or your local grocery store may carry it. It's about 2 inches tall and only costs a couple of bucks. Good luck!
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    • Betsy Betsy on Jul 06, 2020

      It works on everything:) I even sprayed my tomato plants to keep the bunnies from eating my tomatoes:) This will work on your furniture or anything your dog is chewing on. He won't chew on anything that has that smell once he gets a taste of it :) Just don't let him get more than a taste, it's toxic to them, but a lick won't hurt and will keep him from chewing on anything else with that smell.

  • He needs a lot more exercise and a ton of toys! Chances are he needs a few long (30 minutes or more) walks per day. A tired dog is less likely to destuff your big boo boo sofa. Make sure his nutrition needs are being met too.
  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on May 19, 2018
  • Lauren of Mom Home Guide Lauren of Mom Home Guide on May 19, 2018
    I‘ve read that bitter apple spray (which you can buy online) is a good deterrent. Or, maybe you could cover the sofa with a cheap fleece blanket and spray that with a 50/50 combo of apple cider vinegar and water. I also like to keep my pup busy by filling a Kong toy with a mixture of canned spray cheese and treats. You can freeze the filled toy so it will occupy your dog longer. (Or you can fill the toy with all natural peanut butter and freeze it, if your dog likes peanut butter. Mine doesn’t.)
  • Sarinasala1 Sarinasala1 on May 19, 2018
    Try spraying vinegar and water and lemon juice.That May do the trick.

  • Betsy Betsy on May 19, 2018
    Works on furniture, too. Put it on anything that you don't want eaten or shreadded! And, it will make your house smell great. You don't need to spray on a lot, just a light spray will do it. Don't know why I said plants:( Old age I guess:)
  • Betsy Betsy on May 19, 2018
    You can use it on your furniture, too. Anything that you don't want chewed on, shoes, walls, carpeting, etc. is a good place to use this. Just use a light spray. And, as a bonus, your house will smell great!
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