Low-cost interior designs ideas?

What are the best interior designing tips for wall decoration?Does anybody suggest some ideas ?

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  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on May 19, 2018
    I like mirrors -- they improve 'light' in the room, can be grouped in various sizes/frames - an put up with command hooks can be moved/changed with no 'holes' in the wall; Oval, Round, Squares turned on the diagonal ( 'diamond' position ), rectangle -- and the Discount stores/rehab/good will stores usually have lots of them -- frames don't have to match -- and this is where PAINT is your friend!
  • Rajith p Rajith p on May 19, 2018
    Hi adam ,
    Interior decor enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home.There is a misconception that interior decoration is very expensive.the truth is yo can have interior design ideas on low cost .There are plenty of ideas for budget designs.
    1-Hang plates
    Hang plates can usually be found in antique shops and they can be collected over time.
    2-Flower arch.
    3-Make a family gallery.
    4-Water body.
    5- Designer fans and lights.
    6- Paint a canvas.
    7-Photo frames
    The best of all low budget interior design ideas is getting photo frames to decorate the wall.
    I hope these will ideas help you.
  • Jcraw Jcraw on May 19, 2018
    This truly depends on your style. Are you country, traditional, urban, contemporary, etc etc? Is this your home or a rental, which would limit holes in the walls.
    I would finish my choices of furnishings, including curtains or shades etc. and then decide how and where you needed more impact or light. The mirror idea is terrific and interestingly-framed mirrors can be found at yard sales. Cluster them on your wall. Look for a large pieced of “artwork” or a rug that can be hung.
    It’s like having a great outfit - you don’t pick the jewelry til you’re dressed.

  • Jamsheed Jamsheed on May 22, 2018

    Hello Adam
    Here are some of The Interior Decorating ideas I used to do in my home
    1-Soothing Fresh Paint
    Adding a little bit of colour to your living room decor will not only lift up your mood but also bring some freshness to the decor.
    2- Flower Prints
    You can choose floral prints for your living room decor. From cushions to upholstery, you can add floral prints to everything. Not just prints, but also paintings will add the brightness, vibrancy and cheerfulness to the room.
    3-Bottles and Jars
    All those beautiful bottles and jars that you bought during different times of the year and didn’t know how to use them can now be used for your living room decor for the summer.
    4-Flowing Curtains
    Add curtains to your room
    5-Rearrange the Furniture

    I wish these interior decorating ideas helps you .
  • Rahul Rahul on Nov 09, 2020

    Hi Adam,

    I have some ideas for interior designs. When I used it in my flats in thrissur I got good beauty and attraction to see  . Below are some of them,

    1. An artistic wall shelf

    2. Sophistication in the TV area

    3. A partition shelf

    4. DIY art

    5. Paper lampshades

    6. Mirrors

    7. Bar on the wall

    8. Candles and flowers

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