Smores Bar!

Now that summer is well on its way, what a better way to spend your evening, or afternoon....or heck, even morning (for those big time Smores lovers!) Than roasting marshmallows and making Smores?!

**the materials and cost are for 2 boxes. I was making one for my place and 1 as a gift :)
Time: 2 HoursCost: $70Difficulty: Easy
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Step 1- gather your materials. For mine I used plywood/pressbord for the bottom and I can't remember what the longer boards are.
I had the guy at home depot cut them for me as I don't have any power tools ;)
I also got 3/4 inch finishing nails (without the heads) 2 little cans of stain, a sanding block, hammer and a couple paint sponges (although brushes would have been better) and I originally got 8 bags of river rocks and 4 bags of gemstones but had to go get 8 more bags of river rock and 2 more gem stones. So 16 bags of river rock and 6 gemstone bags (if you're only making one you only need 1 can of stain and 8 and 4 bags of stones though. I made 2 boxes)
Also need burners. I'm not really sure what they're called
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Step 2- sand down the ends/edges of all the wood
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Step 3- pop the top off your stain and start painting. For 2 boxes I used 1 full can and a little out of the second can
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  • smores bar
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Because it was so nice out we ended up moving outside to finish the painting
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Step 4- nail the sides/ends to the bottom. The nails I got weren't long enough to nail the sides to the ends so I only nailed through the bottom into the sides and ends. You can get longer nails to secure the ends/sides together
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Here's what they should look like after they are painted and nailed together (I left a little lip on the end so the stick used to roast marshmallows can lay on it
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Next you'll need to get your stones and burners
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I put 3 burners in each before adding the rocks to see where I wanted them to sit. Take them out to add river rock and gem stones
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Once you've added the river rock and gem stones put the burners back in
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  • smores bar
Here they are ready to roast some mallows!! :)

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    • Wendy
      Wendy Northfield, OH
      on May 21, 2018

      Oh how fun!! I love this idea!

        • Cheryl Gillman
          Cheryl Gillman Canada
          on May 21, 2018

          Thanks Wendy! :)

          On those nights you have a sweet tooth and want something gooey but don't feel like lighting a bon fire this makes it SO much easier!

          And for younger children aswell it makes it easier for them to roast their own marshmallows without getting too close to a fire! (Still need adult supervision though when using this :) obviously lol)

        • Hillela G.
          Hillela G.
          on May 22, 2018

          Perfect for the summer!!