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Mostly Pallet Wood Farmhouse Table With Gutter Succulent Planter

We're "at it" again with the pallet wood! We needed a nice place for my family to dine when they came for a visit, so we built a fun table. Hope you enjoy our tutorial and find some time to "al fresco" dine in your near future! Check out our website for full details. Erin @ Upcycled Ugly
Time: 4 Hours Difficulty: Medium
The finished product!
We first cut the legs from pallet supports- we chose 30".
We screwed on leg supports from wide pallet slats. We chose 38".
We screwed on a horizontal board support (which we bought) in the length of 84". This was a 1x6.
We added side slats for top support and a place to nail the top boards in. These were also 84". These were 2x6 boards from the box store.
We screwed 41" end supports into the 84" side supports.
We added a block support for our gutter support boards to screw into.
We used 1x3 boards to create a length-wise support. We are going to have to replace these with thicker boards or add more support boards soon because the table is slightly dipping in the middle.
We cut the gutter to our desired size (5'), drilled drainage holes, and caulked end caps on.
We cut the slats to size (leaving a gap in the center for the gutter to sit in) and nailed them to the side supports and the center gutter supports. We sanded and polyurethaned the top slats and we painted the legs in a black.
Here she is with a table set for 2!
Succulents and Angelina Sedum up close! Not into succulents? You could also chill your favorite beverages here!
No "al fresco" dining experience is complete without fun lights.
Curious how the family dinner went? It was perfect! Here it is with a table set for 6 (random chairs included)!

To see more: http://upcycledugly.com/mostly-pallet-wood-farmhouse-table-sunken-gutter-succulent-planter/#more-1152

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