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I never throw away cut-offs and wood scraps! They have a special place in my small backyard, where they often prove to be little treasure troves of pain, especially when feet find them. But they are treasures nonetheless; throw-away scraps are perfect for odd jobs, and their size and shape largely dictate what you can do with them; which is how this storage ladder came into the world.

This ladder is not the

decorative west elm ladder


Measure and cut battens to 2x 1.5m pieces for the legs and 4x 0.5m pieces for the rungs.

  See why you should use a carpenter's square!

decorative west elm ladder


Sand down the pieces to the desired smoothness. I only sanded the edges, because I wanted a rougher texture.

decorative west elm ladder


Mark the positions of the rungs on the sides of the legs: I spaced mine 300mm apart. Remember that the rung will sit in the middle of the measurement. Drill two pilot holes for each rung, one a little higher than the other. This will prevent the wood from splitting and will ensure a stronger hold.

decorative west elm ladder


Put a drop of cold glue on the edges of a rung, wait a few seconds, and press it against the inside of the leg where you drilled the pilot holes. Move the wood against each other until you feel the hold securing. Use your carpenter's square to ensure a 90-degree angle.

decorative west elm ladder


Fix the two screws in place for each rung and then allow the cold glue to dry.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each rung until your ladder is complete.

decorative west elm ladder


Click through to the rest of the blog post here to see how I finished the ladder!

decorative west elm ladder

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a self-made Nordic-style ladder ready to hang your towels or blankets! Well done!

Happy DIY-ing!

Suggested materials:

  • 2 x 35mmx35mmx3.0m timber battens (cut into 2 1.5m pieces and 4 0.5m pieces)
  • 16 wood screws
  • Strong wood bonding glue
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