Soil Needs Help!

Wondering if soil needs lime. Seems when flowers R planted, they last a week, then die, dwarf Pine & boxwood plants R good & come back bigger every year. It's just flowers that don't survive. Could the soil have to much acid & need lime?

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  • Christy D. Assid Christy D. Assid on May 25, 2018
    Several types of trees emit toxins, to keep nutrient competitors from crowding them. Pine trees are one of them, but tjere are some plants that tend to do well, near them. I've had good luck with lily of the valley, azaleas, maidenhair ferns, and hostas. Pecan trees also emit toxins. I've used the same plants around them, as well as turks cap. If you're interested in some understory trees, I've had good luck dogwood, near the pines, and Eve's necklace and Oklahoma redbuds under the pecans. If you have cattle, or young children, you need to know that the black, "pearls,
    • Roxy Lee Roxy Lee on May 25, 2018
      Thanks Christy, my pine trees R dwarf trees. They grow only straight up & 4 - 5ft tops. None of these other plants in the garden R near where I would plant flowers. I know not to crowd them. I have a small area to plant. I live in a condo in NY. so not much space. As I mentioned to Carol below, I've been planting in pots
  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on May 25, 2018
    I would take a soil sample to the local extension office. They will test it and tell you exactly what you need.
    • Roxy Lee Roxy Lee on May 25, 2018
      Thanks Carol, that's what I was thinking to do. It's a couple of yrs I have this problem. I've been planting my flowers in pots, which actually works.
  • Get yourself a soul tester
    • Roxy Lee Roxy Lee on May 25, 2018
      Hi Rachel, thanks. I think that will be the best thing to do. I guess I can purchase the kit in the nursery
  • Soil 😂
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 25, 2018
    what flowers did you plant
  • Christy D. Assid Christy D. Assid on May 25, 2018
    Oh, I enjoy New York! You're so lucky! Just be sure to clear anything that might fall from the pine trees, into your flower pots. I'm perplexed about the potted flowers not making it, though. Keep us posted!
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