The Resiliency of Roses | A Celebration of National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month. President Ronald Reagan declared the rose to be the National Floral Emblem of the United States of America November, 1986. When asked nearly 80% of folks will tell you roses are their favorite flower. As a Consulting Rosarian I and my fellow CR's took an oath to show gardeners that roses are easier than you may think to grow.
'Hot Cocoa' | 'Drop Dead Red' | Bolero
Before summer heat sets in its a good time to set up your automatic sprinkler system if you haven’t already done so. Be sure to read the manual, most systems are designed to be simple to operate. Some sprinkler systems are designed to have rain sensors and turn off when it rains. If not, be sure to turn them off when it rains. Its time to check the levels of mulch around your roses as well. Mulch retains moisture in your garden. This is the time to add several inches of fresh mulch around each rose bush.
Spring Rose Garden Bloom 2013
Soil polymers can also be added at this time. Soil polymers are a soil amendment designed to reduce plant watering by 50%, transplant shock, soil compaction, and will remain effective in the soil for 3-5 years. This can be an inexpensive form of insurance for the plant to retain moisture and is environmentally friendly.
A Spring Rose Garden Bloom Defies Description
Rose Watering Chart Gauge by Temperature
90+ degrees: Water every day
80 degrees: Water every two days
70 degrees: Water every three days
60 degrees: Water every four days
50 degrees: Water every five days
Roses are Perrennial and Bloom All Season
June and July are months through out most zones in the US that can begin to reach high temperatures. During spring months in many areas you may have depended on rain for water. Now is the time to be sure to check your watering systems. Dehydration during summer months can put your plants in peril. If you have an irrigation system in place be sure that it’s set to water at least 2 inches of water per week. This is difficult to figure out when you take into consideration all the factors like wind, temperature and type of soil so here’s a handy chart that may help you decide how to water when the temperature rises. Use common sense in watering your roses. If it's hot, roses need more water, when it’s cooler use less water.
Fragrant Cloud, A Hybrid Tea
Stormy Weather, Beautiful Climbing Rose
Always Let the kids join in with your gardening projects! They Love it!
These are excerpts from my Garden Planner Four Seasons of Roses that's available on Amazon or on my Web site. Just go to Amazon and enter the title. The planner assists you through the year with a monthly guide of tips on what-to do for your roses all year long. Happy rose growing through the summer.

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