How to landscape a STEEP front yard?

we live in central CA need an easy to care for minimum upkeep area. Wandt no grass and prefer evergreen shrubs , perennials, plants from the Mediterranean area love it here. We have 1 red Japanese maple tree that we’d like to place in the circular area next to the stairs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks cch
q how to landscape a steep front yard
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  • When you said "steep" I was expecting a sharp slope that was impassable. After seeing the photo, you have a beautiful, gently sloping yard.

    Have you considered xeriscaping? Would be perfect for your yard with lots of native, drought tolerant, low maintenance plants.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 28, 2018
    It looks as if you already have bricks you can use as a border for the red Japanese maple, if that tree fits your environment. You named several plants that would be lovely. I suggest that you work within terraces that are even with each step. Terraces would keep your soil from washing off your yard and into the sewer. You don’t need complete retaining walls for each terrace. A row of 30# rocks or set-in bricks, or even crushed rock or bricks can delineate each terrace, and really make your yard look attractive. ☺️
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 28, 2018
    Red Maple would probably be better in a slightly shaded position! Maybe an alternative would be an Architectural Large tree - maybe LEBANON CEDAR ( blue pine foliage or one of the other Cedar's. If you are thinking of a central bed why not go for an oval instead of a circle, as I feel it would suit your home better. Could use Lavender to sweep up to your home along the stairway, both sides. Had you thought of using artificial Grass, I have it in the front of my home because I want to keep the front looking great all the time, then I can concentrate on my rear garden - out of the view of others... I also used a Large Fountain in an centre as an all year round feature with lavender around that too. Low maintenance (Take the shears to it after flowering to trim into shape), and it smells heavenly too......Good luck, you look as though you have a very attractive home to work with.......
    • 2se32194986 2se32194986 on May 28, 2018
      goooo Using lavender it smells so good We do have a lot we do have a lot of cedars in our area. I really like the oval idea as our front yard is narrow.
  • DEi25472221 DEi25472221 on May 28, 2018
    Here is what we did on both sides of driveway. Palm and Crepe Myrtle were already there. Weed control plastic then white river rock around palm. Nothing on other side. Next is grass seed and fertilizer
  • Annie Annie on May 28, 2018
    We are working right now on rehabbing a neglected landscape. Trust me, yours isn’t steep. We have put in some evergreen creepers (winter creeper and a trailing euonymus) on a very steep section. There is a fabulous book, “Covering Ground,“ that is full of wonderful suggestions with a focus on eliminating conventional grass lawns. The winter creeper is really lovely, it gets white flowers that resemble bacopa in the spring followed by a peach colored berry.
    • 2se32194986 2se32194986 on May 28, 2018
      Thanks for the info on the evergreen creepers. Sounds like a wonderful idea. The book I will check out
  • Mogie Mogie on May 28, 2018
    Not a steep yard at all. Looks more like gentle slope. You could always put in a retaining wall to level things out.
  • Annie Annie on May 28, 2018
    Get the book...amazingly helpful!
  • Lynne-Austin Cone Lynne-Austin Cone on Jun 05, 2018
    Ok, so how do you keep your sand and dirt in on a steep yard? I do have a steep yard and every time it pours, It washes my yard onto the sidewalk. I love the idea of the wall on the side of the tree, I do have a tree in the yard. What can I do that is totally inexpensive? Thanks
  • Cathy Herring Cathy Herring on Jun 05, 2018
    You could use bricks or patio blocks to build a small wall to contain your garden.