Will hibiscus take Texas sun.

My house faces west and there is not much shade. I would love to use this flower as shrubs. Will they thrive here.

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on May 31, 2018
    They should, but they do like their water, so you may need to water them frequently.
  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on May 31, 2018
    be hard for them ... need a lot of water ... can you use as 'container' plants on a deck or at least out of the afternoon sun/heat and reflected heat of your home ... https://dcmga.com/north-texas-gardening/perennials/master-gardener-favorites/texas-star-hibiscus/
    • Janis Janis on May 31, 2018
      I have one on my patio now. It is blooming and beautiful. I just wanted them all across the front of my house.
  • Mogie Mogie on May 31, 2018
    • Along coastal California where the temperatures are often quite mild, it is best to provide a location with lots of sun. We have seen even the most fancy of modern varieties of hibiscus thrive in all day full sun and in fact grow them that way in our own yard.
    • In the hot and dry conditions of inland California or southern states like Arizona it is best to grow hibiscus in a location that has a lot of shade but some direct sun.
    • In states that are hot and humid like Florida or coastal Texas, a location that is partly shaded is often best, although frequent clouds and rain reduce the need for shade and hibiscus can be successfully grown in full all day sun.
    • If your preferred area is on a porch with only morning or afternoon exposure to direct sunlight, that is just fine. A growing location near trees that allow filtered sun plus some direct sun is also good for hibiscus.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 31, 2018
    I think it should do fine. Hibiscus grow in the tropics and all over the southern US and Mexico. Landsharkinc lives further south than I, but he/she makes a good suggestion. Plant from bulbs or a grown plant to get the best start. Best wishes ☺️
  • Missy Burch Missy Burch on May 31, 2018
    yes it will- we've had it survive hurricanes & freezes!
  • Tonia Tonia on May 31, 2018
    they love sun so yes they will love the good ole state of Texas...
  • Shortcake Shortcake on May 31, 2018
    Hi Janis, I have three hibiscus plants and two are in the shade part of the day and doing great, the other one is in the hot Texas sun and have to really keep it watered. I live in the Northern part of Texas and the sun isn't to nice to some plants.
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