Asked on Jun 1, 2018

To re-do my deck, that even Berh Deck Over won't last on.

Deb KWilliamNancy Stone


First I power washed the deck then I used Berh deck cleaner with a very firm scrub brush, let it dry for 2 days in the sun. Painted 2 coats as directed with roller and brushes. The next summer it was peeling, every Crack would Pell like an orange. I called Berh they told me to sand the spots and paint 2 coats again. This year it is even worse. So now I got my money back from Home Depot. Here I am with a peeling deck and really don't want to paint again to have it peel again. Want to fix inexpensively, not much of a budget
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  • Gk
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Unfortunately I think the only way to fix your deck is to strip/sand all the product off and get down to bare wood. Then you could use a stain that soaks into the wood rather than lies on top of the wood like the Deck Over does. I too had the same problem. I use a stain from this company:
  • Bijous
    on Jun 1, 2018

    I've got a question, is it just on the rails and stiles or is the deck itself also peeling? Thanks.
    • Nancy Stone
      Nancy Stone
      on Jun 1, 2018

      The deck also, I am trying really hard to avoid moving anything on it or washing it
  • Dfm
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Was there any clear water sealer applied applied to the deck in the past? That might be why things aren’t sticking..
  • Annie
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Same question! How old is deck? Was it primed?
  • Nancy Stone
    Nancy Stone
    on Jun 1, 2018

    Yes it was primed with the Berh Deck Over, it supposed to have the primer in it. That is why I followed all there instructions to the T
  • William
    on Jun 10, 2018

    There is a problem with the deckover products. They are known to crack and peel within two years. Hard to remove. Many Hometalkers have used them and regret it and have mention their misfortunes in discussions. Many people had o replace deck boards and even complete decks. There are class action lawsuits against the manufacturers. Also notice they are not advertised anymore. You can do some online research and find more cons than pros. I have been advising Hometalkers not to use the products and to spread the word. Some have tried scraping and sanding with fair results. Good luck with yours.
    • Ellis
      on Jun 10, 2018

      Thanks for that information. I was thinking of trying them, now I know better!
  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on Jun 10, 2018

    Hi, it's nothing you did to make the deck over peel, it is pure garbage, read the reviews and you will see it is everybody that has had issues. Firstly, you need to get the deck over off, this will require some hard work, sanding it. I know this because we my hubby and I just redid ours when the Behr deckover peeled after one winter. One you are down to bare wood, go find a semi transparent stain in the color you like and stain it, you may to do a few touch ups after winter, but it will far outlast that junk they sold as Deckover. Good luck!!
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