Whats the Best Way to keep a dog lot or pen from Smelling in the summe

Just needing some good ideals in how to keep dog pen area from smelling so bad during the summer hot months

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  • Keep it clean and picked up every day. Hose the area down at least once daily and surround the area with pet friendly plants. The space must have a shaded area and lots of fresh cool water available. See if these sites help!

  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 01, 2018
    daily maintenance...scoop the poop. If the floor is concrete hose it off. Wood chips or sawdust as a floor. Makes scooping easier.
  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 01, 2018
    Everyday clean and in the hot summer time you might want to hose it down twice - morning and evening. Wash the dog beds or blankets at least weekly. Keep the food and water bowls clean by rinsing out morning and evening (food bowls right after they are done eating). Make sure the puppies get bathed on a regular basis. Dawn dish soap it gentle, cuts the dirt and fleas don't like it.
  • Elaine Elaine on Jun 01, 2018
    Cleanliness is vital for the comfort and health of your dogs! The above suggestions are good ones.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 01, 2018
    We had a dog run that was packed dirt for the floor. My son used a spray you attach to the hose that neutralizes the odor and breaks down any poo residual.
  • Deb K Deb K on Jun 01, 2018
    You can also use a mild soap like baby shampoo and a broom to scrub the concrete and rinse really well, Add cedar horse bedding to absorb some of the smell and aid in cleanup. I clean every day winter summer spring or fall.
  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 01, 2018
    If you have concrete pavers as the floor, do not put sand down to hold them in place. The sand holds any moisture, including urine. Keep the area clean. Especially on hot summer days. Best of luck to you.
  • Wanda Altmayer Wanda Altmayer on Jun 02, 2018
    Just pick up the feces daily, then hose down the ground to dilute the urine smell. I think we used Borax one year, but not sure. Clean, clean, clean.
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