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Simple String Wall Hanging

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I have a spot in my living room that has proven to be hard to decorate. It's not really odd shaped per se, just...odd. I've tried a few different things, but so far, I don't like any of them. So... I did this. I like it and I THINK I like it for this spot!
simple string wall hanging
I found this spindle, which is about 3 feet long. You can use any kind of stick. I've used these and branches for these types of hangings.
simple string wall hanging
The first thing I did was cut A LOT of strings. I used butcher's twine, and I used a lot! I can't say how many strings I cut, but I used 4 rolls of this, each over 800 feet. I cut them in to 2 foot pieces. The length and amount of string will, of course, depend on the length of the stick, and how long you want the strings to hang. I cut mine quite a bit larger than I knew I would want it. In other words, I wasted a bit of string. But I'd rather have them too long than not long enough! I also used 3 strings for each strand.
Lark's Head Knot
Lark's Head Knot
At this point, let me say I do not know how to macrame. I have tried many times. I tried with this. Can't do it.
If you are macrame challenged as I am, take heart that only one knot is used. One knot on each string. Other wise, this would be a macrame hanging. As it is, it's just a 'string' hanging. The Lark's Head knot is the only knot used and is so simple even I can do it! Basically, you're putting a loop over the dowel/stick/spindle, and pulling the ends through. That's it. I can handle that.

simple string wall hanging
So I started looping the strings around the spindle.
simple string wall hanging
Many, many times.
simple string wall hanging
I eventually hung it between 2 chairs to make it easier. This is very easy, but the strings can get tangled quickly. I found that putting a rubber band around them once I completed a 'bunch' of them helped keep them from tangling. Also, the knots may become loose as it progresses. No worries. Those can be tightened up at the end. Just keep looping strings until you get the desired width.
I tried adding wooden beads, but I really didn't care for it. So once my spindle was covered, I held it up where it was going to go, marked the lengths, and trimmed it accordingly.
simple string wall hanging
My husband hung it for me, using 2 nails at each end, and laying it on the nails.
I know this doesn't really constitute macramé, but I like it and I'm pretty sure it solved my what can I put here problem. Because heaven forbid there is any blank space on my walls!!
Thanks for looking!

Suggested materials:

  • Found spindle
  • Baker's Twine  (eBay)

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