Mungo grass monkey grass

What is the best way to eradicate it
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  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on May 18, 2014
    Best and safest way is to dig it up. Copied this from the link below. 2. Manual Removal—The simplest and most effective method is manual removal of monkey grass. For this, you need to dig around the monkey grass bed. Just pulling out monkey grass doesn't help as the roots are spread deep. You will have to dig-up the grass with a shovel or a garden hoe. After digging-up the area, you should water it profusely. This helps to choke any leftover grass roots that weren’t removed. Read more:
  • Donna is right. Digging up the grass is the only option. Weedkiller is useless. I just dig it up by shovel fulls and hitting it against the back of my shovel to remove as much dirt as possible. Then if you have a rotor tiller I would till up the area it was and rake it to get all the roots out. to go an easier route: put an add on Craiglist for someone to come dig it up. It works here in my area all the time and the stuff is invasive but some people do not care LOL Tell the people to come dig up and show them how so they do not take all your dirt with them. When I remove this for people I dig up a clump and beat it against the back of my shovel to get the dirt off. Free. people go nuts over free. good luck and happy gardening!
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 19, 2014
    I have "heard" that you can wet it down, put clear plastic over it, keep it wet and it will steam it to death! I do "know" that black plastic will kill any plant because it shuts out the sun! Cover the entire area to be eradicated and weight it down with bricks/rocks. You will have to stick the hose underneath the plastic occasionally to water your trees/plants you want to keep. If you want to spend some money, you can buy that landscaping cloth and fit it around your plants and trees and kill the junk but will let water down to your plants/trees. I would spend the money on landscaping cloth before I would work myself to death tilling it up. This will not be a 2 week process no matter what route you take. Just tell your neighbors you are "in process of work". If they do not like it, they an pay for some landscape company to come out and spend a few days to get the work done...will only cost them several thousand dollars...and you will sit on the porch, drink a cold beer and watch! HA!
    • Unfortunately -The problem is if you kill the clumps without removing they do not go away. I just did a yard where she had someone keep until out almost died. You have to reMove it. Tiling up the area after you remove the liriope to till up and left over roots.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 19, 2014
    I just had a great thought! I need to edge mine...why not just make strips of black plastic and put it down? Love it! I have the rocks to weight it down! It would take less than 2 hours to do my completely yard! Gonna do it this week while it is cool!
  • Susan S Susan S on May 23, 2014
    THANKS TO ALL FOR THEIR SUGGESTIONS. I know what we will be doing for the next week or two.
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