3-Ingredient Homemade Window Cleaning Spray

Summer is finally here, which means there's no hiding from dirty, streaky windows. Instead of spending money on glass cleaner at the store, I decided to make a simple homemade version using water, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Making your own glass cleaner is a fun project, a great way to save money, and a chance to avoid the unnecessary chemicals in many store-bought cleaners.
Time: 10 MinutesCost: $3Difficulty: Easy
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
I purchased a cheap plastic trigger spray bottle from a local store, and assembled my other ingredients from around the kitchen. I used white distilled vinegar, water, and lemon juice.
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
I measured 250ml of both water and vinegar. Since it's half and half, it's easy to adjust the amounts if you have a different size of bottle.
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
I poured the water and vinegar into my spray bottle, making sure not to spill any. Using a jug to pour makes this step a lot easier.
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
Finally, I added a generous squirt of lemon juice to give the spray a more pleasant and less vingar-y fragrance.
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
I sprayed the cleaner onto my window using the bottle. Having a spray nozzle means that the cleaner is easy to apply and you don't end up using more than necessary.
  • 3 ingredient homemade window cleaning spray
I wiped the window clean and was left with sparkling, streak-free glass. Hooray!

Whether you've been neglecting your glass cleaning for a while, you've just had your home power washed and want your windows to match, or you just fancy saving a little money, this homemade glass cleaner is a great choice.

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