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I want to change my deck from the pressured wood...tips?

It is a large deck that has a wonderful built in grill with slate and a large tee incorporated. I want something new with less maintenance. We are considering changing to a patio using pavers which would let me add a fire pit or to Trex which is far less maintenance. I would like to also redesign a bit as now there is a small,step which gives us 2 levels. We have added onto our home and need to incorporate The dog door to a higher level.

  • Lisa S.
    Lisa S. Wilmington, DE
    on Jun 5, 2018

    Just to let you know - a brick patio requires maintenance. Sand replaced. Weeds come up in between. Sealers etc....

  • William
    William Burbank, IL
    on Jun 13, 2018

    All decks and patios require some kind of maintenance. Some more than others. Yours is beautiful and amazing. I wouldn't do a thing. You need to do research on different deck/patio products. You also need to look at the costs involved of removing yours and replacements.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A Dacula, GA
    on Jun 13, 2018

    buy a paint or stain to give it a whole new look Minswax and Behr make great products for decks you could change out the ballasters we used black aluminum ones that will not rust or change colors photos below

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