Is there a way to make a solar-powered outside water fountain?

I don't want to use electricity outside and besides, I live in Phoenix where sunshine is plentiful!

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  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 05, 2018
    There are many solar-powered fountains on the market. Do an internet search, you'll find a bunch, all ready to use.
    • Bethany Holder Bethany Holder on Jun 05, 2018
      Thanks for the suggestion, Ellis. I have done the search and did find and purchased a floating fountain but looking for something that I can make from the broken flower pots and that I have around the house.
  • Ren Shambley Ren Shambley on Jun 05, 2018
    lots available on, might try
    • Bethany Holder Bethany Holder on Jun 05, 2018
      Thanks Ren. I have done the searches but looking for an effective solar pump that I can incorporate into building one with the broken pots that I have around my home.
  • Jessie Jessie on Jun 05, 2018
    if you find one please let me know
    • Bethany Holder Bethany Holder on Jun 05, 2018
      Jessie - there have been a few viable suggestions, depending on whether you are looking for a pump only so that you can design your own, or for ready-made. One person suggested "lift" and solar battery-run time as significant dimensions to look for. I will keep you posted when I find and create what I am looking for!
  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Jun 05, 2018
    I've seen smallish floating units that spout water and emit light at night and they were solar powered.
  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on Jun 05, 2018
    I have seen solar power floating fountains on wish for fairly cheap, but if you are looking for some without the waiting part I would look at hardware stores or if you have any places in your area that install/build ponds you could contact them to see what they have available
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    • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on Jun 05, 2018
      You actually don't need the pump with the one on wish, far as I know you just put it in the pond and let it float around and do it's thing!
  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Jun 05, 2018
    You need the solar converter that you should be able to purchase at any water fountain outlet.
  • Ren Shambley Ren Shambley on Jun 06, 2018
    At this level almost any DC pump will do. Try to match the pump power requirements to the output of the solar panel (match is not that critical). My caution being that too much of a power mismatch (solar power available as compared to the pump load) may produce more DC voltage than the pump can tolerate.
  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 06, 2018
    Good luck. Sounds like a great project.
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