Best paint for a unpainted gnome?

Cheapest coloured paints that are weatherproof and easy to use for a unpainted knome
q best paint for a unpainted knome
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  • Carol Marszalek Carol Marszalek on Jun 05, 2018
    Best to use an outdoor paint. You can purchase small sample colors inexpensively and/or look for bargains in the “wrong color” shelbes.
    • Jay Jay on Jun 06, 2018
      Hi Carol.Great idea..Didn’t think of sample paints.
  • Heje Heje on Jun 05, 2018
    He is a cutie. Buy exterior paint in the sample sizes.
    • Jay Jay on Jun 06, 2018
      Thanks Helen for you’re reply.
      I couldn’t resist him for my son to paint with my help
  • Lamar Havard Lamar Havard on Jun 05, 2018
    I would go to Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and ask the paint guy if he has any water-based latex in small cans that were ordered and not picked up. If not, any good latex paint in pint or half-pint cans will do if you want to paint more than one color on your gnome. Better yet, check Hobby Lobby or other craft stores for outdoor-rated hobby paint.😉
    • Jay Jay on Jun 06, 2018
      Thanks Lamar
      Great idea as I wouldn’t of thought of asking in a DIY store and haven’t heard of latex paint.Have you used it for similar projects?
  • Nonni Nonni on Jun 05, 2018
    I take it you want to use the gnome outdoors? Craft paint are the least expensive but I'm not sure if they have any for outdoors. You could probably use them and they put a coat of clear exterior polyurethane over it. Exterior paint would be longest lasting but very expensive. I would prime the surface before adding colored paint. Put 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane on and reapply every couple of years. Don't forget to paint the bottom with the poly too.
  • William William on Jun 05, 2018
    I have used acrylic craft paint then sealed with a clear paint or glaze.
    • Jay Jay on Jun 06, 2018
      That’s great as I’ve got acrylic craft paint already and clear paint
  • Sand357 Sand357 on Jun 06, 2018
    I had done a similar one a year ago.....this is his 2nd season outdoors & still looking good. Used Acrylic craft paints & then sealed with a clear coat spray acrylic sealer. 3 coats of sealer. Mine started out as just touch ups over paint that was peeling away after at least 15 years of outdoor summer use. Ending up painting the whole gnome. Turned out very well considering I am not a very good painter.
  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Jun 06, 2018
    Acrylic craft paint and seal with modge podge or a clear spray sealant
  • Jay Jay on Jun 06, 2018
    He’s Zzzz cute and you’ve done a great job and the paint you used had come up a treat. I’m going to do mine in acrylic paint and clear paint and hope it looks as good as yours does..
  • Lamar Havard Lamar Havard on Jun 06, 2018
    Yes, latex is great because it will wash out of the brushes with water and dilute with water if it's too thick for your needs, but once it's dry, it's waterproof and will last for years. And it won't react with a clear, spray sealer like enamel or epoxy if you want extra protection after it's dried. Have fun!
  • Emily Emily on Jun 06, 2018
    Your gnome would look better (IMHO) unpainted.
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