Winter Warmth - Unicorn Spit

Winter is upon us and it is cold! I wanted to do a piece that would give a feeling of warmth to a room.
Time: 3 DaysCost: $5Difficulty: Easy
  • winter warmth unicorn spit
I paid $5 for this glass vase that I found at a Salvation Army Store, it is 50cm high.
  • winter warmth unicorn spit
I wanted to spray paint the outside gold. To prepare the vase for the spray paint, I washed the vase and placed painter's tape on the bottom and around the top of the inside. I gave the glass a light coat of Flood ESP Easy Surface Prep to ensure the Spray Paint would adhered to the glass.
  • winter warmth unicorn spit
I gave the vase 5 light coats of Squirts Paint and Prime Satin Gold Spray Paint, waiting 20 minutes between each coat. This allowed me to build up the colour evenly and without runs or drips.
  • winter warmth unicorn spit
I sprayed the vase again with Flood ESP Easy Surface Prep to ensure that the Unicorn Spit would bond to the Spray Paint. I used 2 plastic squeeze bottles. In one I diluted Phoenix Fire with water and the other with Lemon Kiss. I wanted the Unicorn Spit at a consistency that it would run a little to blend however think enough it would adhere.
In technique that I have used previously, I place the vase on my arm and indiscriminately squeezed both the Phoenix Fire and Lemon Kiss onto to the vase and continued to twist so the colours would blend and create their own magical pattern.
  • winter warmth unicorn spit
I waited for the Unicorn Spit to dry and sealed it with two coats of Cabot's Oil Based Polyurethane, waiting 24hrs between each coat.

The only cost for me was the vase. I already had the other products I used and this piece used a minimal amount of each.

Warm Piece achieved

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