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DIY Umbrella Planter

Are you tired of your potted flowers always having to sit off-centered on your outdoor table because the umbrella pole is in the way? Me too! I decided to solve that problem by making my own umbrella planter!
Here's what I started with. The plastic pot cost me around $6 at Home Depot. The flowers are Impatiens.
I marked where I wanted my hole to be after measuring my umbrella post, being sure to keep it as close to size as possible.
Then I drilled small holes around the circle.
I used a sharp knife to cut the hole out all the way.
Then I fed the planted on to the umbrella post.
I added potting soil...My umbrella is probably going to wear a bit in that area since I'll need to keep my flowers watered, but I replace it every few years or so anyway!
Just need to add flowers. I chose Impatiens since I like to keep my umbrella up all summer and these love a shady spot.
Perfect solution!
No more off-centered flowers!

To see more: http://www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com/diy-umbrella-planter/

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