DIY: Easy and Budget Friendly Silhouettes

I've always been fascinated with the booths that sold Scherenschnitte, the art of paper cutting design. I remember standing in disbelief at local Craft Shows in Pennsylvania that these women, with their tiny little scissors, could create something so intricate and beautiful. I would stand and peer over the shoulder of a Pennsylvania Dutch woman and watch her in awe.

When I became a mom, I was eager to have these perfect little silhouettes of my kiddies. As crafty as I am, I knew there was no way I could pick up some black paper and scissors and cut silhouettes freehand.

Here was my easy and budget friendly solution…
Time: 1 HoursCost: $10Difficulty: Easy
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
I took quick profile images of my kids and printed them out. It took some playing around with size to get just the right scale for my frames.
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
I wanted to be as precise as possible so I would know that the cute little nose, the hair cowlick, and that signature bow I captured in the image belonged to my kids.

After cutting with my sharpest scissors, I placed each image on a paper plate and gave it a quick coating of black matte spray paint, making sure not to saturate it and tear the paper.
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
I was looking for some added texture to my frames so I mounted each little silhouette on a piece of burlap, but these would also stand out and look gorgeous on simple white paper or any other background of your choice.
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
  • diy easy and budget friendly silhouettes
It’s not the intricate work of the ladies doing Scherenschnitte but for the price and ease, I just love these sweet little silhouettes of my kiddies.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Camera
  • Printer and printer paper
  • Black matte spray paint and paper plate
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Jennifer Seislove

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    • William
      William Burbank, IL
      8 days ago

      Lovely. There are a lot of free photo programs that allow the user to convert photos into different textures. Photoscape is one I use. IrfanView is another.