How to Craft Cacti That Rock!

This project is something pretty similar to what I used to craft as a kid.
It only requires a few regular rocks and a bit of paint to craft the most harmless cacti you would ever own!
Time: 20 MinutesCost: $0Difficulty: Easy
  • how to craft cacti that rock
Regular stones in any color would work for this project, if they are shaped like a small cacti – they have to be long or round like a sphere. You also need acrylic paint, a thin black marker, a cup of sand and a small pot. A spray varnish, a cloth and some rubbing alcohol would be useful too.
Wash the stones and let them dry. Wipe them with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to be sure that you have a perfectly clean surface to paint on.
  • how to craft cacti that rock
Apply a coat of green paint and let dry. If you don’t want to paint your fingers too, leave a small part uncovered so you would know which end to plant. Use the black marker to add details and make the cacti look more real.
  • how to craft cacti that rock
Once the paint in dry, splash a coat of varnish on your cacti, to prevent the paint from getting dirty and protect it from moist and sunlight.
The next step is to plant the cacti in the pot. Add sand to the half of the pot, and place the rocks one by one on top if it, gently pushing against the soil. Add sand to cover their ends and make them gain a stable position. 
  • how to craft cacti that rock
Are you ready for the next generation of cacti on your porch? Because there are more tips and pictures about this uncommon project!
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