Landscape my yard the easiest way possible

We just Built a Home so needless to say there's a ton of Dirt and there's nasty Thistle Weeds everywhere how do I kill them without hurting my flowers and I am not really a Gardner I planted Rose bushes and a Butterfly bush what else is easy to take care of??? I feel overwhelmed with the yard my Friend gave me a ton of plants well it is helpful but I think Bigger bushes are the way to go I live in Michigan and the dirt at our home is Wonderful I just feel lost on the placement of things

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  • Carol Marszalek Carol Marszalek on Jun 08, 2018
    Sit down and draw up a simple plan of where you want your garden to be. Whether up against the house or outer edges, by establishing a basic plan it should help you from feeling ovewhelmed. Then take it section by section. Decide where you want sod to go, get that done and your frustrations will lessen considerably. Unless you have the finances to get it done all at once, this should be looked at as a long term, enjoyable, and fluid.
    • Penny Penny on Jun 08, 2018
      I wish I had the money for the Sod unfortunately there's to much lawn our house is plunked right in the middle of 25 acres just like Little House in the Prairie lol.. Thanks Again for your advice I wish everyone lived by me I would love to have everyone over and help me lol
  • Bijous Bijous on Jun 08, 2018
    1. To make a design on paper divide it into six sections:
    • middle of front yard
    • right side of front yard
    • left side of front yard
    • middle of backyard
    • right side
    • left side
    2. Check the sun during the day in each section and make notes on your design. This will determine which plants will do best in which section.
    3. Make a budget for each section. Decide which section(s) you want to complete first.
    4. Buy your anchor pieces for the first section -- the biggest ones you can afford.
    5. Then kill all the weeds. If you plan to put in a watering system, do it now.
    6. And mulch the other sections while you concentrate of your first section. The mulch will make the other sections look nice and neat while you complete the first task.
  • You're basically starting with a blank canvas. I'm kinda jealous. Here a how I would do it. Do it in sections. Whatever is most important to YOU, whether it's getting your front done so neighbors have somethung to look at, or getting the back ready for personal private enjoyment
    1)clean up- pull weeds (or burn them out) get the space empty. I am a huge fan of burning out weeds. Especially in large areas where you don't have to worry about damaging nearby plants. If you have a very large area and you can't burn or use herbicides (or if you'd just rather not) put down layers of newspaper flowed my mulch. The paper won't allow weeds to grow and it's good worm food, in time it will decompose and turn into great can also use cardboard as long as it isn't shiny
    2)plan your areas- get out some paper and draw a bird's eye view of your yard and decide what you want to go where. ie: lawn, flower beds, etc...
    3)section everythingoff- just to get a feel for the look, use something temporary, you can just stretch out a hose, whatever works for you
    3)Put down the base- now, that could be grass seed, sod, pebbles
    Don't get overwhelmed by it, if a week goea by all you do is clean out the weeds, thats still progress! Even if 6 months has passed and you still don't know what you want to do, that's ok too. Put some potted plants out until you come up with a more permanent home for them. As far as easy plants, that kinda depends on how much sun or shade they'll have. Watch the property throughout the day, go back to your drawing and make notes. Which areas have the most sun or shade? How long? from there you can figure out qhich plants will work best for the space
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    • Now I'm even more jealous lol you said you're in Michigan? We're talking about getting out of California, it's so expensive to live here. We're forking out $1100 a month for a tiny two bedroom duplex. And we can't afford to move, honestly, with the rent prices around here were actually getting a good deal. Time to go, just not sure where yet 😊