Easy Garden Bench

Summer is here! And as a result I am getting a little too obsessed with my garden... can you blame me. The sun has that effect on me! Did you catch my DIY TILE PLANTER on wheels that I posted a few weeks back?

My husband and I decided to build a bench for our garden. The design was inspired by a video on youtube by Home made modern - but we changed lots of the steps and plans around to suit our needs

MATERIALS NEEDED TO BUILD AN OUTDOOR SOFA (please visit my blog here for all the sources)
  • Heavy duty L shaped brackets x 8
  • floor cushions x 3 (pillows)
  • Varnish (medium oak) (poly)
  • Exterior varnish/lacquer
  • 8″ scews
  • 2.4m treated Dried Timber (45 x 120mm)
  • Timber wood18 x 144mm x 1.8m
  • Timber wood 18 x 28mm x 1.8m
  • wood glue
  • mitre saw
  • Sander
  • Drill


1 Measure and cut the larger sized Timber (45 x 120mm) wood into 12 equally sized pieces. Once constructed, these will become the sides of the sofa.

Time: 4 HoursCost: $100Difficulty: Medium
  • easy garden bench
 2. Cut the wood for the seating and back

3. Sand all of the wood.

4. Assemble the sofa side panels

To do this, you will first need  to drill x 2  sized 2 x 1/4″ diameter holes about 3 inches deep into the  sides of the (45mm x 120mm) wood. Use a drill attachment to drive the screws through the bottom of the holes and into the wood below.  Reinforce with wood glue
  • easy garden bench
5. Lay the sofa base
Place the two side panels flat on the floor and screw in the L-brackets
  • easy garden bench
Each bracket will hold one plank of wood.

  • easy garden bench
6. Add the back rest and some added reinforcment to the bottom

  • easy garden bench
Then finally stain!
  • easy garden bench
And your bench is done. For more detailed instruction - please head to my blog (link at the bottom)

Here is a little sneak peek of how it looks in my garden but you can visit my blog to see more pics
  • easy garden bench

Suggested materials for this project:

Medina at Grillo Designs

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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