Potting/Party Serving Bench- I need HELP?!!

I am SO new at this and therefore, SO inexperienced! I love all the wonderful ideas this site gives us. I want to make a bench that can be used as a place on my patio that I can serve, cut, wash, make, etc. I'd like a sink that can be hooked up to a hose and shelving and/or drawers. Would also like a cooler type area but like I said, this is something new for me. I'm probably way out of my realm but need it to be outdoor worthy as well, not just a desk and add stuff to it, it needs shelter if that's the case. Does anyone have building plans or suggestions? Maybe someone wants to build it for me? The space is about 70"L x 60"H x 25"Deep... Oh, and how do you attach things to siding? Surely you can see I need HELP?!!

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