Want to redo our master bath and replace our tub with a shower

We have this crazy empty area next to the tub now that we aren't sure what the builder meant it to be, but we are hoping to include a small linen closet as there is not one in the entire house. Is there a way to do this. The room is 6 feet wide
q want to redo our master bath and replace our tub with a shower
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  • Anything is possible. Do you have a budget? Are you planning on doing yourself or hiring out at least part of the work? Do you need a designer? Adding a linen closet is an excellent idea! What the builder installed in my house for a "linen closet" is an absolute joke! I am 1000% convinced that people who design houses do not have a clue on how to keep a house. As long as you have a tub in another bathroom you are good to go for resale.
  • Kim Kim on Jun 11, 2018
    Yes, there is a way, BUT, you have a toilet next to the tub and the plumbing is at the toilet side of the room (from what I can see). If you put the shower next to your toilet there will be problems trying to get in and out.
    Ideally, the shower should be on the other side which means you will need to change the plumbing and drain. Your closet next to the toilet will not be easily accessed and will need to be open shelves or maybe an accordion door. You will also need to get the rough in measurements for any shower pan you want so that you can figure out one that will allow you enough closet space.
    Before you start any work, check to make sure building code doesn’t require a tub. We are required one tub in our home.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 11, 2018
    HomeAdvisor.com or Angieslist.com can help you find a reference checked and verified contractor.... consult several, get estimates. They should be able to give you information and make suggestions on configuration and design.... you could also consult a Designer... you may give you some good suggestions as well.
  • Linda Linda on Jun 11, 2018
    Using the measurements of the room, search google for bathroom layouts. Such as 6 x 10 or whatever. You can compare them to your existing fixtures and experiment with adding a linen closet without the need to move something expensive. Good luck
  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Jun 11, 2018
    Here are several videos to get ideas from. One will answer all the questions you have. I think most people prefer showers now days.