Could anyone tell me how to fix a sagging couch cushion?

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  • Nan Bonear Nan Bonear on Jun 11, 2018
    Gotta restuff, & this depends on whats inside it...does it unzip so you can take off & clean the covers?..if so..see if it's just tightly packed foam, or all one peice of foam, or an actual bedspring like thing with a little foam packed in around it...either need to replace that foam...Aamzon sells it cheaper than Walmart, and it comes in all the forms the furniture makes use..try to replace it with similar so it still matches the rest of the cushions & if it's a bedspring like thing...the springs are likely won't be able to fix that...& i have never seen any for sale Can fill all around the spring frame, to almost bursting, with bean bag pellets..that should really firm it up. Those are also available as Replacement on Amazon.
  • Jack Flanders Jack Flanders on Jun 11, 2018
    flip the couch over, remove the bottom covering material (usually stapled on) and you will see where a spring has detached from the frame. You will be appalled at how cheaply made the couch is on the insides where you can't see it in the stores. Many are built with chip board that has no strength so the screws or staples holding the springs in place tear out easy. Cut some scrap wood (not that cheap chip board) and glue it with gorilla glue and clamp that. After that dries, you will have a place to screw in the spring end that tore lose before.
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Jun 12, 2018
    Have a piece of plywood cut to the size of the couch. Lift the cushions and put the plywood under them.