Vinegar solution for garden weeds?

Recipe please

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  • Janice Janice on Jun 11, 2018
    Hi Denise, this recipe works well and fairly quickly on weeds. Just DO NOT use it on other plants you want to thrive! Smaller batches can be made but I use 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup table salt and 1-3 Tablespoons of liquid dish soap (Dawn preferred). Mix up and pour into a spray bottle and apply the solution liberally to those pesky weeds. Within 1-3 days they will be wilted o dead. The soap helps the mixture to adhere to the weeds long enough to work.
  • Eileen Eileen on Jun 11, 2018
    From a chemist:
    3 cups distilled white vinegar
    3/4 cup regular table salt
    2 tsp blue dawn dish soap (works best, but can use others)
    3 tsp liquid arthritis rub (seriously!!! Make to sure to read why here )
    In a spray bottle, add the salt, dish soap, vinegar and capsicum type rub (found in grocery stores for only a few dollars, see picture below). Shake it up until well mixed.
    Apply directly to the leaves of the weed. It starts working almost immediately, by 24 hours the weed is almost completely gone. It will continue to die and wither away!
  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 11, 2018
    Undiluted vinegar will kill weeds.