What is the best way to make home look great before being appraised?

  5 answers
  • Amanda Amanda on Jun 12, 2018
    Hi Linda. I would just make sure it is super clean with no clutter. Have the grass cut and trimmed.
  • Janice Janice on Jun 12, 2018
    Declutter, be sure it is clean, and make any glaring problems, such as crumbing concrete, damaged walls, etc. are repaired. The appraisal will be based on what selling prices have been in your general area in the past 6 months, so some of the process is beyond your control.

    Here's a link that has 10 suggestions you might find interesting about appraisal preparations.
  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 12, 2018
    Clean and declutter to make it look bigger! Fresh paint works wonders.
  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 12, 2018
    talk with your local realtor, how it’s staged does matter. The realtors know how to stage it to sell.
  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Jun 12, 2018
    I agree with Amanda. If there are outdated fixtures (lighting or faucets, etc.) you might consider changing or repairing, but curb appeal, no clutter and immaculate is the key.