Help with stain on carpet

Greetings Hometalkers. I had a water problem in my basement. (Since repaired)
Any ideas on how to remove the stains left behind by the furniture?
q help with stain on carpet
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  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Jun 13, 2018
    Is that rust? Stain from wood bleeding? You can try and mix of oxyclean and warm water, but it may discolor the carpet to a lighter color

  • Ginger Ginger on Jun 13, 2018
    The little circle in the "square" shape are rust. The rest of the stain/stains are from wood bleeding

  • Jennifer Jennifer on Jun 14, 2018
    Resolve is a product that might work, plus it smells nice & it will lighten, if not rid of. Can use as carpet cleaner shampoo.

  • Pat12169954 Pat12169954 on Jun 14, 2018
    Shaving cream

  • Cdt9480469 Cdt9480469 on Jun 14, 2018
    Though I haven't tried on stains like this, I have found hydrogen peroxide to be very effective on other stains. I have used on blood, urine, and puppy throw up with great results. Doesn't fade carpet, and is cheap! Just pour/ squirt on entire stain and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Use clean white cloth to blot up or if you have a spot carpet cleaner those work great to suck up the moisture.

  • Bub26575386 Bub26575386 on Jun 14, 2018

    Clorox 2an 8 oz to gal water makes a great carper stain remover mix it good before use put in spray bottle DO NOT PORE IT ON ANY STAIN SPRAY

  • GoddessOdd GoddessOdd on Jun 26, 2018
    For the rust stains, try "Iron Out" , you'll find it on Amazon and most big box's a powder, make a paste and apply to the rust stains. I would probably start with the rust stains and then move on to the larger stain.

    The wood stain will be removed with any good cleaner, IF it's water soluble. (it seems that it might be, because the stain bled onto the rug with only water as the solvent).

    If the furniture stain is not water soluble, I would start with rubbing alcohol, then mineral spirits, maybe even WD40. As always, test an inconspicuous area first, use the smallest amount of cleaner possible, blot don't rub, and work on small sections at a time, to avoid making the situation worse. If the rug was wet enough (for long enough) to cause it to delaminate, the life of the rug is seriously shortened, and it will be fragile, so use care when cleaning it that you don't stretch it out of shape. Good luck!

  • Sjt29229935 Sjt29229935 on Jul 24, 2018
    How many areas of damage do you have? Just this one or more? Did you turn the water damage into your insurance company or self fix it? If the insurance paid for the fixing, they would pay for professional cleaning. I know it is tempting to try any and all the suggestions listed and some of them might work, but if this is a large, carpeted area and the rest is in good condition that you don't want to have to replace, I would definitely call in a professional to have it cleaned. Not worth the chance you will be taking with "home" concoctions. Clorox can ruin fibers and change (bleach or yellow) the color. Not to mention the chemical reactions that will take place with the rust/wood stain and whatever you apply. The professionals know what will work on the particular fibers and some of the above suggestions can do irreparable damage. You will save a ton in the long run by paying the pros. If this were a small, inconspicuous spot, maybe give the suggestions a try, but I certainly wouldn't risk any of them on such large areas. And these statements are not like me because normally, I am one to try just about anything. However, when it comes to carpets that will cost a fortune to replace if I screw up, I just don't think it is worth the chance. But, if you do give it a try, I wish you the best of luck and hope it turns out fabulous!

  • Hughes Dylan Hughes Dylan on May 14, 2019

    My cat knocked over a can of furniture stain my wiffe was using, leaving a huge spot on the living room carpet. After trying several expensive remedies with no luck, I tried a hint I read-- squirt foaming shave cream on the stain, work it into the carpet with a rag or brush, let it dry, vacuum up. You may have to repeat a few times. Just get the cheapest shave cream at the store, or try whatever you have on hand -- as long as it's NOT GEL. I was very skeptical, but it worked! At most, you've lost a dollar if it doesn't work for you. Good luck!