Cut or otherwise detach evil shelf from laminate cabinets?

Our kitchen has a horrible microwave shelf extending over one counter with knife-sharp corners that often nearly lobotomize my wife when she's preparing food there and forgets to keep her head low.

I would happily do without the entire shelf if I could get it out (the microwave can go somewhere else) or I'd be happy just to somehow make it flush with the cabinets around it. There are 4 screws on the inside corners but taking them out did nothing--it's still solidly attached with what I assume is glue(?) to the cabinets to the side and above it. The whole unit feels like one piece though there are seams. I'm wondering if I unscrewed it and took a mallet to the side walls that extend out it might pop out--though wondering what it would do to the other cabinets.

It's a long shot, I know, but does anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Separating one component of a laminate cabinet "in place"? The other option I suppose would be to try to cut it out but not sure if that's feasible given the laminate edging--I'd have to find identical laminate and somehow reface it so thinking that's out, but open to any ideas (short of taking the whole cabinet down) before my wife starts having to wear a a football helmet to cook.
q cut or otherwise detach evil shelf from laminate cabinets
q cut or otherwise detach evil shelf from laminate cabinets
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