How to renovate my mobile home

I live in an old mobile home. I worked as a Hospice nurse for 23 years and was happily married to my husband for 30 years. He left me 3 years ago and has been remarried. That is why I have to live in my mobile home. I live on disability now. So, I am trying to fix it up. My air conditioner cost me 350.00 a month for a single-sided. I can't live like this. So I need to find a new central air conditioner. I need to fix my shed in the back yard so I am trying to get wood because the door is falling off. My trailer has floors that are rotting, I need to put new flooring in. My windows all need insulation to keep the cool air in. They are all in bad shape. I need tools to fix everything. My bathroom floors need new laminate. My property is my own. I have slot of weeds and need to fix up my front and back yard. I have no edger, no flowers, no privacy fence. I am trying to put up a nice privacy fence in my back yard and around my car port. So as a single mom who lives in a 55 and over mobile home park in Boynton, beach. I am trying to have a home I can be proud of and have guests over. I know this sounds like slot and it is but since my mom passed away last August, I am alone but I have faith that there is a purpose for me. I also am trying to organize my close as my dresser drawers are broken and clothes are on my floor. I have no bedroom door and my son recently moved in with me he sleeps on my couch in the living room. Any way. I hope I have answered your question.
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Deborah Mccue

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