Pallet Wannabe Garden Tool Shed

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I've waited long enough for my Garden Shed. I have no place to keep my small garden tools together so I decided to create a Garden Tool Cabinet. It won't be a true cabinet because it will be open, but it will be a home for all my garden tools.

I am using an old pallet that is a bit beat up but it goes with my "rustic" design. I had to remove two boards (top and bottom) because they were pretty well rotted. With those off I was able to install 2x4's to create a shelf at the top.

I've had these for years and never had a place to use them. You'll see how at the end reveal!

I saved this thinking I would make a window in the garden or put tin in the openings. This frame was part of a box that heavy machinery came in so it is solid. I'm going to use it has a "door" for my cabinet.

This is a bin from a grain elevator. I wanted to incorporate more than one of these bins, but because of their weight I'm only going to use one. I discovered something else to use in their place.

After putting on new face plates top and bottom I added redwood boards across on the right hand side of the pallet and

on the left hand side of my door.

Next I decided a pop of color was needed so I'm painting the front; but not the redwood strips.

Who knew you could find these at the Dollar Store?

I'm also using an old rake head as a tool holder

I forgot that I had bought a Garden Shed sign and I found another Dollar Store bin. The bins are so light weight that I'm screwing them down to my door ledge. I want the dog brushes to have a home too. I've added removable hooks, permanent hooks and I'm using my old shower curtain rings to hold light garden items. I'm using old tin cans to hold small items.

I added a bird knob and a hanging bin. A few more hooks and a broom holder on either outside edge.

I bought a magnetic strip but decided not to use it as I seem to have plenty of bins and hooks. I also painted the grain bin. Up top I can put dust pans and my claws. I'm always leaving my claws around the yard and now I have a place for them.

I'm very happy with how this Wannabe Shed turned out. Who knew I had so many hand tools!

Now to hang it on the wall. Using four 2x4's ripped at an angle screwed in top and bottom; two on the cabinet and two on the wall.

Very sturdy because the cabinet is heavy and heavier when loaded with tools. This is the top cleat and there is an exact copy at the bottom.

Now it's up like a cabinet but still my Wannabe Garden Shed.

If you like the muffin tin succulent holder hanging on the cabinet, go to the link below.

Suggested materials:

  • Bins  (Dollar Store)
  • Hinges  (Ace Hardware)
  • Paint  (On hand)

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