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6 Small Space Living Ideas to Create More Space

There are great ways to get more from your rooms.. so you can get more from your rooms, no matter how small they are.
Can your hallway double up as a mudroom, laundry or pantry?
What about your bedroom? Can you add an office or really expand your storage space?
So many ways to get more from your guest room, kitchen and basement.
There are more tips, ideas and videos to help you out.. on the blog.
This living room doubles up as an office and has extra storage with bookcases added to either side of the fireplace.
This closet is now the laundry!
Adding a mirror close to the window, not only doubles the space but also the amount of light coming into the room. Making it a similar size and shape as the mirror really makes you feel like you are outside.
When you need more storage space in your bedroom, this idea is inexpensive and looks great. Additional shelving above the bed, gives a more balanced and completed look.
More mirrors and these mirrors make this very small bathroom look and feel luxurious as well as bigger.

To see more: http://decoratedlife.com/6-small-space-living-ideas-to-create-more-space/

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