How to refinish my dining room table with a burn mark?

I have a dining room table w/a burn from a hot pan. I would like to refurnish it but don't know how to start. I also have a hutch that had scented candle wax spilled on it & I can't get the smell out of the to. HELP!!!!

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  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Jun 18, 2018
    Try Restore-A-Finish for the burn. For the candle place waterproof ice bag - hold for several minutes, then try to pick it off. Then police up any cracks with Restore-A-Finish. Restore-A-Finish comes in colors comes to match most woods.
  • Andrea Andrea on Jun 19, 2018
    I refinished my maple dining room table. It didn’t have a burn mark just lots scratches. I sanded down the entire surface to bare wood. I found a stain to match the legs and varithaned over top.
    This way is messy. I emptied the room before starting and contained the dust to that room with plastic sheeting. A dust mask and a shop vac attached to the sander is a must.
    In order to remove the original finish you have to start with a gritty sandpaper and work your way up to fine sandpaper to make it smooth. I started with a 40 then went to 80, then 120, 180, 220, 320 on my sander. I made sanding blocks with 400 grit and finished with wet 600 . Dont skip grits or you won’t get a nice finish.
    I vacuumed the surface after each level of sandpaper and then wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove dust and any sandpaper residue. i waited for the surface to dry before moving to the next grit.
    Before applying the stain I cleaned the whole room of saw dust and took down the plastic sheets. I did this before applying the stain because I figured my movement around the room would be enough to kick up the fine dust particles on the floor, walls etc and land on the table the finish I used said to lightly sand and clean the stained surface before applying each layer of clear coat.
    I refinished my dining room table, 2 coffee tables, 4 side tables, an armour, dresser and large mirror the same way. Everything turned out beautifully and looks professional.
    Note***** everything I refinished was solid wood. if the furniture was made of partical board or mdf with a thin layer of veneer, I would not use this method because veneer is very thin and isn’t durable enough to withstand that much sanding. For veneer I would prepare the surface and lay down new veneer.

    in my opinion removing the scented wax is trickier than refinishing the table. There were probably small scratches that permitted the oils in the wax to get beneath the protective finish.
    Heating the area might release the oil.
    I would try laying down some paper towels over the stain and either using a hair dryer, heat gun or iron. use low heat so you don’t burn the wood or ruin the finish. An iron would give more controll in where the heat is being applied. I have a press cloth which is made from some sort of special plastic that protects surfaces from scorching. If you have one of these you can put it between the paper towel and the iron. The paper towels are used to absorb the oil. Don’t hold the iron on the spot for too long You migHe melt the surrounding finish.
    I have not tried either of these methods but if the iron doesn’t work you can try mineral spirits or fullers earth (Amazon). Read up on how to use those.

    I hope this helps.
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