Need ideas for area in my yard

Hello and good day!
I live in a manufactured home park. The homes are owned, but the land the homes sit on belong to the park. I need some ideas for a section of my front yard that is boring, but that doesn't cost and arm and a leg - I can afford a finger though. lol

There's a patch of grass near the porch, but the rest is bark. In the photo, I outlined the biggest problem area. The tree is a Spruce and drops everything - hundreds of pine cones, sap, branch pieces and pine needles. Oh, and did I mention SAP? The area in the circle is the worst area. The bark is barely on the ground in the circle. If I walk in that area, I get sap on my shoes.

My issue is not being able to figure out what to do in this area, considering I have to keep in mind the sappy mess this tree leaves underneath it. I need some ideas and was hoping the brilliant minds here at HomeTalk might have some.

Do I just refill this area with more boring bark and call it good? Or is there something else that can be done to this area to make it look less...boring? How do I deal with the sap? Would anything even grow there or will the sap kill everything off?

Thanks so much!!
q need ideas for area in my yard
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