How to water plants when away from home for a week?

When in VT 3 hrs from home fo a wk. I need a way to water my plants.

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  • Pat Pat on Jun 19, 2018
    inside or outside? Outside, put your hose sprinkler on a timer. Inside...the globe waterers that you buy or I think I have read that you can poke holes in the lid of a liter pop bottle, fill it with water and stick the lid down into the dirt. It will water slowly as needed.
  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 19, 2018
    Inside.... water really well before you leave... turn the thermostat for the heater down to about 60-65 degrees ... or 80 degrees for AC.... if the units are not running as much... the plants will not dry out as fast and a heavy watering should last a week.
    Outside..... there are battery operated timers out there. Most home improvements stores have them in the garden or irrigation departments... some will handle more than one zone.... You should concentrate on the things in pots and put in a drip system along with the timer....there again... do a heavy watering before you leave.... most things will survive a week unless the temps are predicted to be over 105 or so for that whole week
    Note: check at Home Depot or Lowe's... there are adapters that are made to work between a 3/4 inch hose bib and 1/4 inch dripper tubing... "T" off a main line with a small line for each plant.... and use "pressure compensating" dripper buttons at each plant...... this allows the drip line to maintain equal pressure all along the line (even for hanging plants) so one plant doesn't get all the water while the rest get none..... the dripper buttons have different "gallon per hour" ratios 1 gph + 1 gallon per hour, etc.... so if you want a plant to get 1/2 gallon of water... set the timer for 30 minutes, etc.
    TIP: To make putting tees and drippers into the tubing easier... boil some water and put it in a thermos.... put the end of the tubing in the thermos for about 1-2 minutes... insert the end of the tee or button and when the tubing cools... it tightens up and should not leak... (hot tap water is not hot enough... it needs to start out boiling)
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