Three sided shower. two side panels and door in front.

I have a stand up shower with three sides. two side panels and a front door. the side panels leak and the door is shot. I don't know how old it is. what is the best way to make this look good? I wish I had a curtain but nobody makes rods for this kind of shower.
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  • Darla Darla on May 23, 2014
    You can get the plastic rod holders for closet rods and attach them to the sides of your shower, and cut a rod to fit. Or you could use a tension-fit curtain rod of the right length.
  • Kel344722 Kel344722 on May 23, 2014
    Time to replace the entire thing. The leaking will cause some seriously bad mold!
  • Sue Trammell-Redlich Sue Trammell-Redlich on May 23, 2014
    Tension rods work very well for the curtain.
  • do you mean the panels are leaking into the wall? on to the floor? As kell stated this can be a very bad thing. Now to cover up this 3 sided shower, you could always hang a rod from the ceiling but then you will need to add on to any shower curtains you get. go to this site she did it for curtains but you could adapt it to the ceilin g
  • Rose McDonald Rose McDonald on May 23, 2014
    @No search results.Maggie;Tension rods will do the trick, but first make sure there's no mold behind the tiles.
  • Maggie, you can make your own shower rod easily. Using electrical conduit and pipe bender you simply bend the pipe to create a rod that runs around the edges of the shower glass. Then using what is called Split Ring hangers which is a ring with a threaded part that would connect to metal rods that would fasten to the ceiling so the conduit will not fall. Once all in place simply paint the rod and hanging Materials with nice color paint. The whole thing including the purchase of the bending tool should only be around $50 all said and done.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 24, 2014
    I have never seen a shower that was made to have a curtain on 3 are just asking for trouble.
  • Look at all the claw foot tubs Jeanette. They had shower rods that went all the way around the tub.
  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on May 24, 2014
    Needs to be recaulked with silicone.
  • Liz Liz on May 28, 2014
    Make it an open shower, I love this one!
  • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on Jul 25, 2015
    My neighbor got rid of her glass (one door, one side panel) and hung PVC pipe from the ceiling to make a shower rod. You could do the same, using rod connectors at the angles you need in order to connect the pipe. They also make curved shower curtain rods that may do the trick if you want to remove the glass door and panels.
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