Asked on Jun 20, 2018

Can I use wd40 on my dogs hot spots



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  • Happy Days Hometalker
    Happy Days Hometalker
    on Jun 20, 2018

    No please do not use on your dogs hot spots, it is not meant for living creatures. Call a vet office for advice.
  • Mkl
    on Jun 20, 2018

    No to WD40. I would seek advise from a vet.
  • Absolutely not! You will cause him or her excruciating pain! Get him or her to the vet or a vet clinic asap please.

  • Missy Burch
    Missy Burch
    on Jun 20, 2018

    Oh please no!! Cortisone spray- you can find it at Petsmart, Petco, or Wal-Mart.
  • Dee
    on Jun 20, 2018

    No that is not a good thing to use on a dog or any animal. Bathe the dog in a light mixture of dawn and water. This will help. Or get an oatmeal shampoo made for animals.
  • 27524803
    on Jun 20, 2018

    NO...NO...NO ! WD40 is not meant to be used on animals.... it can be toxic if ingested... and and vet bill a whole lot more than it will be for the hot spots.....
    Hot spots can be caused by too much protein in foods... especially in the heat of the summer months.... ask your Vet about what food formulas to use to eliminate the hot spots..... they can be caused by food allergies too.
  • BakesandBarks
    on Jun 21, 2018

    Please don't use it on your pup. Take him to a vet to find and treat the causes of the hot spot.
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