31 American Flag Ideas That Will Fill You With Pride

You won’t believe these creative ways to show off your patriotism!

By Hometalk Hits

Soak Flags In Tea For A Burlap Banner

Naturally age the flag with a soak in strong tea and attach with tacky glue.

Arrange Skittles In A Framed Picture

Hot glue a fruity mix of skittles on to a piece of paper, and place on a 12 X 12 frame.

Make A Patriotic Flag Out Of Your Yarn

Use yarn of 50 inches each, and knot each strand on till desired length.

Make American flag mason jars

Get your spray paints out and transform your mason jars!

Make your own flag wine glasses

Easily make this adorable themed decor to display in your home!

Let Your Neighbors See Your Pride On A Window

Wipe off a window pane and print out a star stencil, then paint accordingly. (Rob & Courtney M)

Modge Podge On A Mason Jar

Simply paste onto the inside of a mason jar, and place a multicolored LED light inside.

Use SPiT To Put The Flag On A Dresser

Use the vibrant colors of Unicorn SPiT to coat your dresser, and distress the drawers.

Stick The Flag In A Scrap Wood Wreath

Use wood glue to connect five pieces of wood into a star, and coat in fake florals.

Cover Your Entire Table In The American Flag

Craft firecracker and flower centerpieces with toilet paper rolls.

Build A Planter In The Star Spangled Banner

Sand down the pallet and adhere wooden stars. (Mickey B. & Boo Boo)

Knot Patriotic Bandanas On A Wreath

Interchange between the red and white bandanas, and knot a section of the blues together.

Shred Up Your Jeans Into A Fluffy Wreath

Cut strips of your unused jeans for the blue in the flag, then use red and white felt for the stripes. (Elena K.)

Make Your Flag Wave With Candles

Create the illusion of movement by spray painting on glass jars, and light the candle. (Heather is TooInspiredToSleep)

Chill Your Drinks With An Americana Cooler

Paint over the top of the cooler in the motif of the flag, and use latex paint.

Use Your Picket Fence For American Pride

Cut down the fence, connect with 3 narrow boards, and use beer cans as the stars.

Create A Rustic Feel With A Pallet Flag

Paint a big metal star, and put it in place of the 50 states.

Make an American themed boxwood wreath

Grab a wreath form and some garlands for this wonderful wreath idea!

Build a patriotic flag with paint sticks

Use this easy DIY flag idea to hang anywhere you want!

Create an American flag from scrap wood

Just glue the wood together and get painting!

Repurpose a headboard for this folk art flag

You’ll have the most original flag in the neighborhood with this idea! (Ghpen)

Make a patchwork quilt flag

Cut some fabric into strips and start sewing! (Tikva Morrow)

Decorate a metal tray with a patriotic theme

Hang it up for decor or use it for your 4th of July party!

Use washi tape on a wooden board

20 minutes later and you have yourself a stunning washi tape flag!

Grab some red, white and blue bottle caps

This original flag idea is simple and gorgeous!

Design your own outdoor flag pillow

Use some sweatshirt fabric and craft paint for this one!

Create a patriotic bench

This incredible project will leave everyone stunned!

Turn your mailbox into a patriotic work of ar

This one will definitely get your neighbors talking!

Paint mason jars for a themed centerpiece

Use them to hold utensils or fill them with flowers!

Create a gorgeous American flag log candle

Drill some holes in a log for this stunning idea!

Make a wooden flag from pallets

Pallets, paint and tape are all you need for this stunning DIY flag!