Tips for customizing a Coffee table for cats food?

I had purchased this unque small coffee table that has a top that can be put up or down on either side and a small shaelf the perfect height for cats food and water bowls to make less of a mess and less possibilty of spills etc. I am just new at using wood cutting tools and only have a hand saw and a miter saw the lTer of the 2 i am too immitated by to use yet..but i to know what kind of saw or otherwise would be best to cut holes.out of the bottom shelf for cat bowls? I am also very interested in taking a wood working class just dont know where to even look for one. Just a lottle but of back ground i was diagnosed with breast cancer last december and have since finished treatment and all is well so far but in that time i have found my creative side and love doing all sorts of projects only issue i am really intimitated by anything that could.cut my fingers or any appendages off but need to be taught how to safely use all t ife equipment because i absolutely love my new found hobby and hometalk takws up an hour of my time at least before i go to work because i absolutely adore all of you guys abd your ideas and begins every day on a.postive note for me and i thankyou guys so much. Happy projecting looking forward to my daily emails and new ideas and learning new budget freidnly buolding and creating daily!
Blythe Remington

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