How to make use of limited space in a kitchen?

I have a very small kitchen with very limited storage space. what can I do that won’t take up space??!

  • Jcraw
    Jcraw Collingswood, NJ
    on Jun 23, 2018

    I can’t really see, but if that wall is open, put some open shelving above the cabinet next to fridge.

    I think you need to organize your charming breakfront, using rectangular baskets or covered shoe boxes to hold your plastic-ware, and so forth. And we all are storing things we really don’t need or use. It looks like a lot of wasted storage space, also distracting from what a great looking cabinet it is.
    A clear vinyl shoe bag can be cut, trimmed and reinforced with attractive color duct tape and hung inside cabinet doors for spices and measuring spoons, and any of those things that get lost in the drawers. . You can use cup hooks.

    • Mlle LaFleur
      Mlle LaFleur United States
      on Jun 23, 2018

      how about this idea from hometalk: magnetic strips are versatile, cheap, and use space you didn't know you had, cool!