How do I remove a hot water tank exhaust pipe

Got a new tank and don't want this eye sore exhaust pipe sticking into my laundry/ spare bathroom. Can I remove it from the inside without going out on the roof? I would leave the outside pipe alone?

  • Zar31982358
    on Jun 23, 2018

    You can do that, but if the pipe is exposed you’ll have to come up with a way to cover the holes. But, the glaring problem here is how you would keep rain and snow from entering the pipe and causing water damage.

    • Shuganne
      Shuganne United States
      on Jun 23, 2018

      Hi, Christel! That is, to put it bluntly, godawful. Let's see what we can do to remove it! First, your ceiling looks like fiberboard, am I right? That will make a difference when we go to fix it. Second, I wouldn't worry about water damage if there's none now, unless the pipe gets jostled a great deal. Third, can you get into the attic above to see what you've got up there? If there's a joint up there that would be a good dislocation point. If you can't attack it from above, we'll have to do it at the ceiling. The pipe looks like tin or aluminum, not cast iron. Get up on a ladder with a hacksaw, tin snips and pliers. Your goal is to cut it off as close to the ceiling as possible. Wear leather gloves; those cut edges can be wicked. Then see if you can bend the raw edges up higher than the ceiling. Maybe shove some insulation up there so you don't have a cold spot in the winter. If all goes well so far, I'm thinking some dry wall patching tape, a can of spackle and a drywall blade should wrap this project up. You may need to do several thin layers of spackle and let dry well in between so it dries flat. I like to use a damp sponge instead of sandpaper to get a baby-bottom smooth finish, but that's not exactly kosher. Then paint. You may need to delay laundry while things are drying, and worst case, you may need to repaint the entire ceiling. Whew! But do-able! Let us know how it goes and write back if you have any other questions! I'd love to see pictures of the finished product!

        • Christel Roselle
          Christel Roselle Canada
          on Jun 23, 2018

          Thank you for your advice. I got the job done! There is no attic it's an addition with a flat roof. I got up on latter and unscrewed the round cover. There were several different sizes of pipe all in there. I removed as much as I could then went at last one with players. I went to home Depot and bought a cover with a spring that fits into my hole. I painted around before installing here's my project.