Asked on Jun 23, 2018

What paint color to do for kitchen

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Like it to look more bright looking since I only have 2 windows
q what paint color to do for kitchen
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  • Murphyhm123
    on Jun 23, 2018

    multi colors

  • Lisa
    on Jun 23, 2018

    Do you plan on painting the cabinets? If not, you have a lot of tans and browns and oak naturally has yellow undertones in it. I have solid oak floors so wall color can be tricky so it doesnt complete with the floors. Your floors look like they may have greys as well as browns in it? Maybe you could pull out one of those colors if it works with the cabinets.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Jun 23, 2018

    My choice would be to go with a semi gloss very pale shade that you like. Don't have any blue or gray tones to it or anything, you want to brighten, not tone down the light getting into the room. The house my son bought is very dark due to extremely large mature trees in front and back, the sellers painted it with a light tannish color and it makes it even darker. When it needs repainting, I am going with white, no matter how outdated it is. The walls give everything a tannish blah color and does nothing to lighten the inside of the house.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jun 23, 2018

    Hello there, May idea would be a choice of either Warm Turquoise or Fresh Green or Buttermilk Yellow or Go mad and add a Wall of Wallpaper and do the rest in one of the colours out of wallpaper?

  • Sharon
    on Jun 23, 2018

    I like pale buttery yellow.

  • Cathy Dillon
    on Jun 24, 2018

    My paint able wall space in my kitchen is quite small, actually, less than yours! and I have the same shade of " golden oak". I went with a sort of strong " Sky blue". Enough color ( depth? ) to it so people are not guessing. You walk in and you say " blue". My ceiling is white white, Blue formica countertops, and speckled sort-of-blue vinyl flooring. I like Blue, it is a happy morning color for me so I would use it in your house also.
    I like the yellow idea also . The different areas of your Kitchen need not be the same.

    Across the big wall behind the table wouldn't it be pretty to have someone create a mural ? One house I visited had a hand painted landscape; a country garden sort scene all over the bathroom wall space. Was, obviously, very memorable. PLUS people and things banging into the wall might not show as much as on a nearly white wall.

    Under a window in my house I put TILE so that the dog would not be clawing the wall to death getting down from barking at the mailman and tryng to see out the window. You might want to consider a half tile or chair rail or something behind those chairs depending on your inhabitants or guests.

    What I notice is that the sink area seems WAY too dark and I think you need more lighting! There are led strip / undercabinet lights that I saw at a recently renovated condo and I thought they were great. I also bought myself a modern " fluorescent" fixture that does not require a ballast. They are available in different " tones" ( uh?? kelvins) so you can mimic incandescent or sunlight or something inbetween. If you are thinking about additional lighting perhaps you should budget something for that before you paint, so you won't mess up your fresh paint trying to install new or additional lighting. Also, with more lighting options , believe me - a color you chose in one lighting situaltion can look awfully different in a different lighting !

    One more suggestion is to use quality scrubbable paint. I trust Benjanmin Moore in the semi gloss. Might be called aqua- something I' m not sure which one is called which name , but it holds up to wiping off old grease and myserterious spots.

    Good Luck!

  • Cathy Dillon
    on Jun 29, 2018 welcome and good luck - as they say - paint is not expensive and as long as you don't keep re-doing the pain in the nexk areas of trim and ceiling , you ca change it agin!

  • Kelly-n-Tony
    on Jun 29, 2018

    I like yellow and white OR turquoise and red!

  • Phyllis
    on Jul 12, 2018

    I used a pale yellow with black cabinets and red assessories

  • Maz14020410
    on Jul 25, 2018

    Thank you

  • Kathy miro
    on Jul 25, 2018

    A med gold is very nice or gray with navy blue and yellow accents

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