Queen Headboard Repurposed

A queen headboard was put on the curb for the garbage man when my friend Michelle found it. She could see a good use for it in her creative mind and like so many other projects, she hauled it home to create a free piece of furniture. It cost her only her time and energy which she finds relaxing when she works on wood projects.
Time: 1 DaysCost: $15Difficulty: Medium
  • queen headboard repurposed
She cut the foot board in two and used them to connect to the head board. Then she added 2 by 4's to strengthen it and provide support for the bench she had in mind.
  • queen headboard repurposed
The original bed was a little scarred and scratched from years of use and being thrown to the curb, but Michelle knew a little sanding and some paint would clear up the cosmetic damage. The wood was solid.
  • queen headboard repurposed
She used wood glue and braces then sunk some screws in for further support. Then she stained all the wood, including the new 2 by 4's.
  • queen headboard repurposed
The final step was to add a bench made from plywood, foam rubber cushion, and staple a cloth over it to the bottom of the bench. The final step was to attach the bench to the supports with some wood screws. What a beautiful piece of work made from such beautiful wood. It looks brand new! She said it would last another 200 years. She would know. She does great work.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Queen bed frame  (from the curb)
  • Cappacino high gloss enamal spray paint  (Home improvement store)
  • Drapery or heavy material  (Remnant on sale department store)
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