What could my husband and I do to change the look of the courtyard?

Currently the shades above the pool need to be replaced. The pool has a system that had a dolphin spitter which has been removed. I would also like some thing behind the pool. This area could be amazing. Help!

The area at the end with plants could use some type of water feature.

There are 3 rows of shades that need replacing

  • Lyd33292854
    on Jun 25, 2018

    Since you have an area that looks very stationary, given the pool; I would maybe do some bamboo shades that will maybe be able to stand up to the outdoor elements, & maybe some tall types of plants that you like in some huge planters that will not need to be transplanted to a larger area later... depending on where/what gardening zone you reside, should be the biggest factor in what exactly you decide to plant. Oh, and also, instead of buyomg shades, maybe a pergola type structure for shade might better suit; then you could grow a beautiful vine up, over, & through... that'd probably be my choice.