Updating stairs, kitchen and living room - how to get laminate up?

Hi looking to do this ourselves using Life proof vinyl planks in kitchen and living room from home depot. Stairs take off carpet and stain. Paint walls entry way and living room and kitchen. Tips? Suggestions? Has anyone used life proof? Vinyl planks? Love? Hate? Thanks!

  • Kim
    Kim Pomona, CA
    on Jun 24, 2018

    We are getting ready to do my Mom-In-Laws Kitchen/Dining room with those! We were told that they go down easy but it’s really important to not chip the edges. I am interested in people’s experience as well.
    You should post pictures once you are done. This sounds like a great project!

    • Zar31982358
      on Jun 24, 2018

      I did a complete 2-story house with the planks for someone. The planks go down fast, but you have to make sure your cuts are square. The way I like to do floors is to lay down all the full length pieces (those that don’t have to be cut), then do all the cutoffs at once. A second person is invaluable for this part. As far as looks go, I didn’t like the finished look. It looks plastic and industrial. It has no warmth, or character. And I really don’t like the way it sounds when it is walked on.